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A final judgment or decision in a civil law or family law trial is not always the end of the case. Our civil justice system recognizes that judges can make mistakes in their trial rulings. Similarly, new arguments about how the law should be interpreted or modified to reflect real-world relationships may not fit neatly within the long-standing traditions of the court.

There are higher courts, called the Appellate Division and above that, the Court of Appeals, as well as in Federal Court, the Circuit Court of Appeals and United States Supreme Court, that exist for the purpose of remedying a determination of the original court that was erroneous. These courts apply different standards of review, depending on the matter and its procedural status, as well as the legal issues involved. Dissatisfaction with the result of a case may not be a sufficient reason to seek review of the record in a higher court. However, if you feel that the trial court erred in its reasoning or misapplied the law — resulting in an unfair result — you must act quickly to appeal the case to the Appellate Division. Likewise, if you've been served with an appeal, time to respond is very limited and defaulting (not answering the appeal) can have ruinous and in many cases, irreversible effects on your case.

Well-Regarded For Our Thorough Appellate Advocacy

The lawyers at Quatela Chimeri, PLLC in Hauppauge are well-regarded for our appellate advocacy in domestic relations and general civil disputes. The skill set in analyzing a trial court record and knowledge of the unique rules of appellate procedure differ significantly from trial practice. If you have suffered an adverse judgment in the trial court, or your opponent has filed an appeal, you need to work with lawyers with the experience and appellate acumen to protect your rights.

It is important for you to select appellate lawyers with strong skills, state of the art resources as well as the appeals experience to examine the details of your case from multiple perspectives. Our team of appellate attorneys is well-prepared to handle unique issues of first impression as well as complex legal arguments developed from multiple perspectives, when necessary.

We have earned a reputation as a premier appellate advocacy law firm on Long Island. Many other lawyers turn to our appellate attorneys for our exceptional attention to detail, ability to frame focused arguments for the appellate panel and our skill in writing legal briefs in terms that are designed to maximize the chances of success in the Appellate Division in New York or in the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in Federal Court proceedings.

Of particular note is the firm's matrimonial and family court appellate practice, led by Christopher J. Chimeri, Esq., known for welcoming clients that have been turned away by other lawyers, and have a proven track record of obtaining immediate relief from courts in emergent circumstances. In one instance, our office was consulted and retained at 11:00 a.m., and by 4:00 p.m. that same day, we successfully obtained an injunction preventing the terms of an unjust court order from being implemented to the detriment of a family's children.

A zealous appellate advocate, Mr. Chimeri has gained a reputation for being the "go to guy" in difficult appeals, and has represented and been consulted by numerous divorce and family court trial attorneys to assist in representing clients and attorneys themselves in the highly specialized field of matrimonial and family court appeals. At Quatela Chimeri, PLLC we believe in providing quality representation whether you are attempting to reverse an unjust decision or defending that which is fair and reasonable. Coupled with extensive knowledge of appellate practice and procedure, our aggressive and detail-oriented approach to your appeal will maximize your chances of success in the Appellate Division.

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