Guiding You Through Each Step Of Divorce

Many people need an attorney for the first time when they are facing divorce. With marital bonds breaking down, looming financial pressures and, often, children caught in the middle, this can be a time of extreme stress. Whether you are preparing to file for divorce or have been served with papers, you can contact us for aggressive, experienced representation.

Understanding Your Family Situation And Priorities

The attorneys at Quatela Chimeri PLLC believe that listening intently is critical to helping you get through a divorce with as few regrets as possible. We work hard to understand your family relationships, finances and personal priorities, in order to arrive at a plan that will serve your goals and comply with New York matrimonial law.

Knowledgeable In All Aspects Of Divorce Law

Every divorce is unique — with challenges and potential complications all its own. It can be extremely important to have an accomplished lawyer representing you in your divorce. Not only will we explain divorce law as it applies to your case, we will also help pursue your goals and protect your interests on difficult issues such as:

  • Child custody and visitation, including complex family relations matters in same-sex marriages
  • Child support/spousal support
  • Property division in middle income and high-wealth households, no matter how complex
  • Properly addressing retirement benefits

Our divorce lawyers are dedicated to providing comprehensive analysis in each individual case. We know that personal client attention is the starting point to achieve individualized results. For that reason, our experienced trial and appellate attorneys view the divorce process as more than merely applying technical legal terms.

We fully analyze all of the details, without ever losing sight of the big picture to develop strategic solutions that align with the most important goals of our clients. When you are represented by our accomplished lawyers, we guard your rights zealously — in negotiations and at trial when necessary.

Providing You With Solutions To Serve Your Goals

We are well-versed in New York matrimonial law and take a holistic approach to providing solutions to the problems that can impact your future. If you plan to file for divorce, or if your spouse or partner has already filed, send us an email or call 631-482-9700 to arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer who will put your interests first.