Aggressive Representation In Post-Judgment Enforcements

In the years following a separation or divorce, some people stop complying with the terms of a child support or maintenance order. There can be a wide range of circumstances that lead to the failure to comply with the responsibilities and obligations outlined in a judgment of divorce.

Even when divorced couples get along while co-parenting their children, animosity can lead to the failure to comply with an existing order. Often, people do not want to return to court to obtain a post-judgment modification when one may be appropriate, later to face court anyway in an enforcement action.

Obligations Of A Court Order Remain Legally Binding

Changes in circumstances without a post-judgment modification can cause one party to fall behind on spousal maintenance or child support. In other situations, ex-spouses may amicably agree to modifications off the record, and as time passes, tensions can arise creating a legal problem.

The lawyers at Quatela Chimeri PLLC help men and women on Long Island enforce or defend against post-judgment enforcement actions. We have handled complex disputes that include misunderstandings about post-judgment agreements between the parties. For instance, helping an ex-spouse with a needed car repair bill and similar arrangements in lieu of an alimony or child support payments may lead to a violation of a court order and contempt proceedings at a later date.

Unfortunately, even when it seems reasonable to shuffle finances, New York law requires individuals to follow an existing court order as it stands. Altering the course by agreement without the guidance of an accomplished family law attorney can lead to unintended consequences. Often, seeking a modification when circumstances change can avoid contempt proceedings. However, our attorneys know that many people try to work things out in advance without court action, only later to find that alternative arrangements and private discussions do not alter a court order.

Learn Your Rights In Enforcing Or Defending Your Post-Judgment Actions

Our lawyers can review your unique situation and provide you with solid advice concerning your legal options, whether you need to enforce a judgment or are facing an enforcement action. The court can impose serious sanctions for failing to comply. We stand strong to protect the rights of our clients in post-decree enforcement and contempt matters.

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