Skilled High Net Worth Divorce And Complex Asset Division Lawyers

Disputes over assets and property division can be highly contentious. As a marriage breaks down, most people understand that the household budget and asset structures will take a new course during the separation process and when the dissolution of marriage is complete. If you earned or have contributed to income in a high net worth household, have created substantial wealth during the course of a marriage, or need to protect your interests in a complex asset structure, the knowledge, resources and experience of your attorney are vital to your financial security.

Turn To More Than 25 Years Of Family Law And Business Experience

At Quatela Chimeri PLLC our accomplished lawyers have served New York with exceptional advocacy for more than 25 years. As a full-service, integrated litigation and appellate firm, we are well-poised to handle the most complex asset and property division disputes on Long Island. Our command of commercial law and business principles fortifies our ability to craft strategic and effective solutions to difficult asset division problems in a divorce.

Our accomplished legal team knows how to develop individualized strategies to safeguard the financial interests of our clients, no matter how complex the asset structure in a given household. We work with the appropriate financial experts as part of our expansive network to provide evidence and create a strong legal position. Our business and family law attorneys are well-versed in analyzing the complex considerations that arise in high-income and high net worth divorce cases, including:

  • Determining proper valuations for real estate, including the primary residence, secondary properties and real estate investment holdings.
  • Analyzing business and professional association documentation and an individual's stake to arrive and determine a just and fair business interest
  • Managing financial disclosure documentation in complex asset structures
  • Evaluating all aspects of retirement accounts
  • Tracing investments, holdings and financial accounts to detect hidden assets
  • Addressing the proper value of art, jewelry and similar assets
  • Advising clients about the potential tax implications that may dilute or otherwise impact a property division plan

Serving Clients Throughout New York

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