Overcoming LGBT Family Law Challenges For More Than 25 Years

There have been great advances in the law in recent years to provide more people with familial rights. New York recognized same-sex family law rights in a variety of ways before the United States Supreme Court handed down its ruling that same-sex couples have the constitutionally guaranteed right to marry. However, the law continues to evolve. Many family law issues do not fit neatly within a box — many issues require a broader understanding of the law. Often, gay and lesbian families formed before or during this legal "state of flux" and creative, well-researched and detailed strategies are your best option.

A Long-Standing History Of Cutting-Edge Representation

Since New York passed the Marriage Equality Act, many lawyers have opened their doors to the LGBT community to offer family law guidance. At Quatela Chimeri PLLC we have a long-standing reputation of fighting for the family law rights of individuals in nontraditional relationships, spanning more than 25 years. We are not newcomers to analyzing and advancing the rights of members of the LGBT community in domestic relations and family court matters.

Our trial and appellate attorneys draw on substantial experience to achieve the most favorable outcome possible in every case. We remain at the cutting edge in shaping the future of the law. Partner Christopher Chimeri, as a part of our appellate practice, successfully argued to overturn long-standing precedent to allow the estranged same-sex partner of a biological parent of a child to seek custody and visitation rights. The New York State Court of Appeals recently expanded the definition of a parent in the Domestic Relations Law as a result of the family law appeal.

Turn To Experienced Lawyers

To work with attorneys who have served the LGBT community for more than 25 years, and remain at the cutting edge of the law, we invite you to send us an email or call 631-482-9700. The initial consultation is free. We serve clients in Suffolk County, Nassau County and throughout Long Island.