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Divorce: Moments of realization may hit New York residents hard

Having a difficult relationship can happen to anyone. No relationship is truly perfect, and though some New York residents may seem to have the perfect marriage to outsiders, they could be facing serious issues of their own. In many cases, individuals can address the problems and carry on, but numerous other relationships often end up facing divorce.

One woman stated that she knew her marriage was fated to end after her now ex-husband threatened to call the police on her. Apparently, the man accused the woman of stealing his car, though she was using the vehicle to take their child out. She had no car of her own to use, and when she took their son to the park one day when the father did not want to go, he apparently threatened to alert the authorities. 

Can addressing divorce before marriage get too extreme?

When individuals plan to get married, there are often many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. From wedding venue to the dress to photographers, the decisions may seem overwhelming. Of course, some New York residents may even feel the need to use the time before their wedding to plan for the possibility of divorce.

Though this type of planning is not necessarily unheard of and can be quite sensible in certain respects, some people may take their planning overboard. It was recently reported that one couple contacted a wedding photographer about potentially taking photos on their big day. However, the couple had an unusual request: a refund in case of divorce. Their reasoning behind the request was that they would no longer need the wedding photos if they got divorced.

Preparation may lessen financial blows of divorce in New York

When ending a marriage, individuals will need to prepare for a variety of changes in their lives. In many circumstances, divorce can cause substantial financial issues for those involved. Therefore, New York residents may wish ensure that they prepare for possible financial impacts before and during the proceedings, as well as after their cases have been finalized. 

One way to get on top of finances before a divorce starts is to take a closer look at expenses. By understanding the current household expenses, parties may be better able to predict future costs and plan accordingly. As a result, they may have the ability to create a useful budget for themselves after their marriages end. Additionally, going over expenses and assets could come in handy during property division proceedings. 

Tough questions to ask before divorce

It’s no doubt that divorce is a complicated and emotional undertaking. Marital issues preceding divorce may linger for years. You recognize that your marriage isn’t working long before it ends. Whether a relationship is moving forward or backward at any given time may be hard to determine. The exact cause of divorce may be hard to pinpoint. Is there any clarity to be found?

While there may be intertwining factors that contribute to the divorce, there are questions you can ask yourself and your spouse before the process formally begins. Consider this - before you and your spouse got married, you probably had many heart-to-heart discussions about what you each saw in the future for both yourselves and your relationship.

Reactions to divorce may leave much to be desired in New York

After ending a marriage, many individuals want to move on from the ordeal as quickly as possible. However, it is often not that easy to forget such a major life event. Indeed, the news of divorce commonly has to be revisited numerous times with various people, and the responses can sometimes leave much to be desired.

Though it may be safe to say that most New York residents do want to be fine after divorce, having someone tell them that they will be fine can seem irritating. In most cases, ending a relationship is a substantial ordeal, and this type of response can come across as other parties brushing off a recently-divorced person's feelings about the situation. Most parties appreciate a more sympathetic response.

3 assets that often get overlooked in a divorce

Dividing your marital estate in a divorce is a complicated and sometimes frightening process. This can be especially true when you have substantial and/or sophisticated assets to consider. However, between you, your ex, your attorneys and any financial professionals hired, your assets should be properly accounted for and valued.

This is not to say that mistakes can’t be made. In fact, it is possible to overlook certain items no matter how many times you rack your brain and pore over financial statements. Below are a few of the commonly ignored or disregarded types of property that could wind up having a considerable impact on a divorce settlement.

3 non-monetary ways to be good to your kids during a divorce

Raising a child with an ex but separately is not easy. Parents who share custody often doubt themselves or feel inadequate as a single parent; they also worry about their kids not having enough of the things they want and need. Because of this, parents might overcompensate by buying toys for their kids or making every day feel like their birthday.

However, you do not need to shower your kids with gifts to make them feel loved and secure. Below are three ways you can show your kids love and support without spending money.


Representation in court can be a trying and difficult experience. More than anything when you face a family law case, you want lawyer that will treat you like family; someone who will stand up for your rights, and listen to your concerns. Our legal representatives will do all this, and more as your Massapequa family law attorney. Have someone you can trust by your side during your family law case. Contact our firm today to schedule and appointment and discuss your case further. 

Don't Make These Common Mistakes When Getting a Divorce - Part 2

We can say with confidence that divorce attorneys are the only people who ever want to be experts at divorce. Everyone else avoids divorce, and if they have to go through it, they usually learn only as much as is needed. We don't blame them. We are glad to be expert guides for people going through this challenging process, and we do everything we can to smooth the road and protect your interests.

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