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Best Famiy Law Attorney in Massapequa

The Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri are proud to bring you Massapequa's best family law attorney. Christopher J. Chimeri pairs integrity with accessibility to bring you the best litigator for your family law matters. The staff at his law offices are committed to excellence, trust and respect. Christopher J. Chimeri has a history of appreciation amongst his peers. Why not, then, go to the attorney that other attorneys go to for assistance in family law matters? Christopher J. Chimeri is committed to your successful litigation. Schedule your appointment at the Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri today. We look forward to working with you.

The Right Child Custody Lawyer for Long Island

Having the right child custody lawyer for residents of Long Island is essential to a beneficial outcome for all parties. Are you being adequately represented by your lawyer? At the Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri you will find a passionate, understanding and resourceful lawyer to guide you through this complicated, emotionally fraught process. Child custody law is complex and the process to determine child custody can be emotionally and financially difficult. Christopher J. Chimeri will work for you to make sure the best possible outcome for all involved parties is achieved. Consideration for our client's concerns and the concerns of the child is first and foremost at our law offices. Contact us today to find out how Christopher J. Chimeri can ease the complexity and frustration of this process. We're here to fight for you.

Divorce Ahead? Contact Long Island's Family Law Attorney

Christopher J. Chimeri has established his presence as a knowledgable and passionate family law attorney in Long Island. One of the toughest challenges in family law is divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining for the involved parties. It's also often quite expensive. The issues that arise can seem endless and complicated, and can involve everything from the division of property to custodial arrangements for children to tax and insurance considerations. Christopher J. Chimeri is the best attorney in Long Island for representation through divorce. He will advocate for your rights and concerns tirelessly throughout the process. He will work to ensure your voice is heard every step of the way. When handling such a huge life transition adequate representation is essential. If you're looking at a separation or divorce, contact the Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri today. We're here to help.

Need an Appellate Attorney in Long Island?

Residents of Long Island now have access to the same appellate attorney that other attorneys use. Christopher J. Chimeri has consulted on cases at the request of numerous fellow lawyers. His establishment as an appellate resource in Long Island has been greatly appreciated by his colleagues. If you're starting an appeals process, your favorable outcome is going to be best represented by the Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri. Resourceful, dedicated and widely held as a knowledgable source for appellate law in Long Island, Christopher J. Chimeri is here to serve your needs throughout the appeals process. His expertise is matched only by his passion and consideration for YOUR case. Call today for a free consultation to find out how we can best work for you.

The Massapequa Divorce Lawyer for You

Advocating for YOUR rights from the beginning of the process to the last signature filed, Christopher J. Chimeri is the premier divorce lawyer in Massapequa. We bring years of experience to your case, along with compassion and care for your rights. We work to make sure your concerns and questions are raised and addressed throughout the divorce proceedings. Divorce is a complicated and difficult process. You shouldn't have to shoulder the entire burden. The Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri are here to fight for your rights. Contact us today to find out how we can help through this difficult time.

Your Family Law Attorney in Massapequa

Christopher J. Chimeri is Massapequa's most experienced family law attorney. Family law can be difficult to approach as it often deals with difficult issues, like child custody, divorce, visitation, paternity and more. Any one of these issues can be incredibly stressful, and in family law we're often working with multiple concerns all at once. The Law Office of Christoper J. Chimeri is here to ensure your rights and concerns have a voice throughout the entire process. Whether we are assisting in property divisions or spousal support, grandparent's rights or custodial divisions, we ensure your concerns are supported throughout the process. We work to keep the best interests of our clients and, when involved, their children, front and center throughout. Contact us for a consultation today.

Working Tirelessly for You: Long Island's Best Child Custody Lawyer

When it comes to a concern as complex and divisive as child custody, the Law Firm of Christopher J. Chimeri is Long Island's best child custody lawyer. At the Law Firm of Christopher J. Chimeri we take your child custody concerns as seriously as if they were our own. We know that custody is an extremely difficult concern for everyone involved, and we work to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We will walk you through the complex issues surrounding custody and make sure you are comfortable with every step of the process, all along the way. At the Law Firm of Christopher J. Chimeri we realize how stressful and draining these concerns can be. Call us today for assistance in resolving your custody concerns. We are here to help.


Christopher J. Chimeri has established his firm as the most resourceful, successful Long Island family attorney practice to be found. His dedication to his clients is unwavering and supportive. His passion and drive are conducted with excellence and professionalism in and out of the courtroom. Family law can be incredibly trying and invariably complex. When working through a case involving family law, whether a custody dispute or a property matter, frustrations can arise and situations can become complicated quickly. Christopher J. Chimeri keeps a cool head through every case and uses his passion and drive for family law to gain the most favorable possible outcome. Trust the Law Firm of Christopher J. Chimeri to handle your toughest family law matters. Our greatest motivation is your successful result. 


When the outcome isn't in your favor and you feel you haven't been given a fair shot, the right Long Island appellate attorney is an important resource for you. Why not turn to the one who represents fellow attorneys? Christopher J. Chimeri is the go-to Long Island lawyer for numerous fellow lawyers' representation. His expertise is trusted by those in his field who know the appellate lawyer to call to get the job done. Choosing Christopher J. Chimeri means putting your appellate representation into the hands of Long Island's most trusted attorney. Family and divorce law can be trying and difficult, and sometimes the outcome just doesn't seem right. If you're experiencing the frustration and disappointment of an unsuccessful outcome in your case, call the Law Offices of Christopher J. Chimeri. Your case deserves an expert appeal. Christopher J. Chimeri ensures your appeal gets the attention and resources it deserves. 

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