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The most common phrase when it comes to retaining a lawyer in the business world is, "If you're already being sued, it's too late." While not completely accurate, there are many times any business owner, whether a start-up or not, is going to need legal services.

Starting your own business can be a very complex and involved process. Working with a lawyer who knows the complexities of business law and the details it takes in order to become a legal business entity, is critical to get your business off to the right start. Because starting a business involves so many people, whether you know it or not, it's important to inquire about the appropriate legal services you will need in order to start your business right.


Even if you're just starting a business and have no employees, there are a variety of parties involved with your business. Consider the following entities that influence your business decision and make it necessary to work with a lawyer.

Local and National Government

Both the local and national governments have very specific laws when it comes to starting a business. You need to make sure you are following these laws, filing the correct paperwork, and paying appropriate taxes. Consulting with legal services can make it easier to follow the laws and set-up your business correctly.

The Public

No matter what your business, you will be interacting with the public and suppliers or peers. Making sure you are mitigating risk to your company is critical from the very beginning. Consulting from the beginning with a lawyer can help you understand your strengths and weakness, as well as protect your investment.


We talk about this further in a later blog post, however, when starting a business with more than one interested party, it's absolutely critical to consult with a business lawyer to protect everyone's financial investment.


Even if you only have a single employee, it's important to understand what your business risks are. Making sure your business is protected and you are following the proper laws when it comes to having employees is something that can be easily discussed with the appropriate business lawyer.


According to Forbes, if you are a small business with a more limited budget, there are some very specific legal matters that should be addressed no matter what.

  1. Take time to legally establish your business to separate your business interests from your private, personal interests.
  2. Once again, you must absolutely consult a lawyer if your business is to have multiple owners, even if you trust your business partner.
  3. Anytime you need to ensure the intellectual property of the company through non-disclosure agreements, especially if you're working with contractors.
  4. Whenever you may have concerns about tax law in conjunction with your business decisions.

By addressing these various issues and entities, you are more likely able to protect your overall financial interests and start your business off on the right foot.

Contact Quatela, Hargraves, & Chimeri, PLLC for further information about our legal services as you work towards starting your own business.

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