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Don't Make These Common Mistakes When Getting a Divorce - Part 2

We can say with confidence that divorce attorneys are the only people who ever want to be experts at divorce. Everyone else avoids divorce, and if they have to go through it, they usually learn only as much as is needed. We don't blame them. We are glad to be expert guides for people going through this challenging process, and we do everything we can to smooth the road and protect your interests.

One of the biggest ways we help people get through divorces is steering them around common mistakes that couples make. In our last blog, we discussed several such mistakes, including forgetting to update estate documents, trying to punish their spouse, and failing to evaluate settlement proposals. In today's blog, we want to provide insights on a few other common pitfalls.

Failing to Create a Financial Plan for After the Divorce

Most divorce settlements end in one household becoming two. Two households are more expensive than one. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for both spouses to do financial planning that prioritizes realistic expectations, financial goals, and solid plans for dividing financial resources. This will ensure that the road beyond divorce is smoother and without unpleasant surprises.

Getting Emotionally Attached to Assets

We understand that is practically impossible not to get emotionally attached to certain things. Sentimental value is a valid concept for a reason! Unfortunately, if you go into divorce negotiations emotionally attached to assets, your decision-making abilities will be highly impaired. This can significantly affect your future. Too many people fight to hold onto assets they can't afford, and end up twice-miserable. A divorce attorney will be able to help you get back on track, but only if you are willing to listen. Keep your eyes on the prize: maximizing finances so you end up with enough to live on.

Forgetting to Factor in Long-Term Inflation

A dollar amount in a current settlement may be enough for your child's education today, but will it cover the bills in 10 years? Inflation guarantees it won't. That means you need to use the "Rule of 72" to predict how much things will cost in the future. We will make sure inflation is considered in all negotiations. We are here to ensure that you can move on from your divorce with confidence.

The family law attorney team at Quatela, Hargraves, and Chimeri is dedicated to fight for your interests with excellence and compassion. Contact us today!

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