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Marital stress may have greater impact on kids than child custody

Many New York residents may believe that children should have two married parents no matter what the circumstances. This belief may stem from thinking that divorce and child custody issues could place too much stress on children and that the parents should instead stay married to prevent such stress. However, if parents simply do not get along, staying married may not prove beneficial.

Divorce facts for older parties may surprise some New Yorkers

Though the idea of ending a marriage may seem unlikely to some parties who feel happily married, this type of situation could happen to anyone. The reasons may differ from couple to couple, but even New York residents who once felt that divorce could never happen to them may find themselves facing legal proceedings. In fact, some older parties may even consider this option after decades of marriage.

Reliable info may make difference in New York divorce cases

When a New York resident faces any significant life change, others may step in to offer what they believe are words of wisdom. Of course, not all advice is reliable, and when individuals are going through divorce, it may be wise to explore legal options rather than simply accepting the words of a friend or family member. Ensuring the reliability of information may be especially important due to common misconceptions surrounding divorce.

Exploring methods may help in New York high asset divorce cases

Marital disputes may lead many New York residents to decide to end their relationships, but unfortunately, that decision does not necessarily mean the disputes will end. Going through a high asset divorce may set individuals up for arguments and drawn-out legal battles as they work toward a settlement. However, if individuals end up with their desired goals, the process may seem worth the effort.

Divorcing a business partner: Things to consider

Dissolving a marriage is rarely an easy process. However, it can be significantly more difficult when you are married to your business partner. Creating a life with someone is often a normal aspect of marriage, but those whose livelihoods come from a business built on a marriage can find themselves facing additional stresses when the marriage ends.

LGBT family law challenges may affect transgender parties

Each marriage can go through its own set of particular ups and downs, and whether a couple has the ability to overcome those challenges is unique to the situation itself. While many marital issues may seem relatively common, some revelations may be more difficult to face. For instance, what if a spouse reveals that he or she is transgender? Some parties may find they could be facing LGBT family law challenges.

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