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Kardashian, Chyna child custody battle comes to terms

Custody battles can be difficult for everyone involved. In some cases, it can take a considerable amount of time and negotiation in order for a decision on terms to come about. Sometimes, additional factors can also impact the progress of child custody proceedings, and parents may face a long road before the process comes to an end.

Gray divorce: can it threaten financial security?

Divorce for couples over the age of 50, also known as gray divorce, is increasing in frequency. As average life expectancies rise, unhappy couples would rather divorce than potentially spend 30 years of retirement together. The Society of Actuaries estimates that approximately 1/3 of men and 1/2 of women will live to the age of 90. Older couples would rather split and spend their golden years happily alone than unhappily together.

High asset divorce does not always mean contentious litigation

Earning a considerable amount of wealth during one's lifetime can often bring about a sense of pride and accomplishment. Being able to provide for a family with a substantial income may also allow individuals to feel a sense of comfort. However, if a marriage comes to an end, the idea of high asset divorce can seem daunting.

Mike Epps to pay spousal, child support in divorce settlement

When celebrities end their marriages, it is not unusual for the settlement terms to come with high numbers related to alimony and child support. Of course, it is not only celebrities who may face such outcomes, as any individual going through a high-asset divorce can face considerable financial implications. Nonetheless, these celebrity cases can often provide examples to individuals interested in possible settlement outcomes.

Dividing IRAs early may have negative impacts during divorce

It is not unusual for New York residents to handle issues associated with ending their marriages in the manner they see most fitting. However, if parties do not have the correct information, the decisions they make when it comes to property division and other divorce aspects could have negative repercussions. In particular, parties could face considerable financial detriment if they do not properly divide their IRAs.

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