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New York abuse victims may fear filing for divorce

When many New York residents learn that a family member or friend is in an abusive marriage, they may encourage their loved ones to get out as soon as possible. To individuals outside the situation, filing for divorce may seem like the obvious solution to the problem. However, as many domestic abuse victims know, leaving an abuser is not always easy.

What to do if you disagree with a child custody order

If you and your spouse are in the midst of a bitter divorce in Suffolk, chances are you and your spouse are in disagreement about who gets custody of the kids. Though you both have a decent income and feel your children are better off without the other parent, the courts and law state otherwise. Your kids deserve to have both of their parents in their lives, even though things may not be right between you and their other guardian. 

Working together could help parents come to child custody terms

As parents going through divorce, many New York residents may feel as if they have failed their children. Because they can no longer get along with their spouses, they may think that their kids will suffer as a result. However, if individuals take the proper steps toward creating a child custody plan that works in the best interests of their children, those kids may face less turmoil than expected.

Parents' divorce can have negative impacts on adult children

Many parents worry about the effects that ending their marriage will have on their kids. In particular, individuals often have concerns regarding child custody and their young children. However, many New York residents may have grown children for whom custody terms are not needed but who could still face considerable impacts as a result of their parents' divorce.

Is the home worth keeping after divorce?

Some individuals may feel that they are losing a great deal when ending their marriages. These feelings may be tied to the loss of companionship, a spouse or possibly physical assets. Because it is not unusual for individuals to get attached to their belongings, it is also common for parties to have difficulty dividing assets during divorce. However, holding onto certain property may not always be in New York residents' best interests.

Prenup impacts possible Weinstein, Chapman high asset divorce

Many New York residents with a considerable amount of money often utilize prenuptial agreements. Though these documents may help stipulate how certain aspects of a high asset divorce may be handled, they can still result in individuals coming out of the process with a significant settlement. The prenup of Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman could result in such outcomes.

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