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A QDRO could play an important role in New York divorce cases

Once a spouse announced that he or she wanted to end the marriage, it may only have taken a short amount of time before each party started trying to decide how to get what he or she wants from the legal process. There are many aspects to divorce, and property division often causes many individuals to feel the most stress. Understanding marital property, separate property, distribution laws and necessary forms can seem overwhelming.

Steps to divorce-proof a company

Many people dream of one day opening their own business. These entrepreneurs work so hard to attain their goals, but once a marriage falls through, the former spouse takes everything. It is for this reason that Forbes suggests small business owners should absolutely invest in a prenuptial agreement to ensure the company will be safe should the marriage ever dissolve. 

Is a narcissist making child custody decisions difficult?

When some New York residents got married, they may have felt that their spouses were a little full of themselves. Over the years, that notion may have grown into realizing that they had married complete narcissists. Not only did these spouses feel a sense of entitlement, desire constant admiration and believe they were the center of everyone's lives, but they may have also had negative impacts on their children. As these issues grew, the time for divorce came as did making child custody decisions.

Self-care and assistance may make divorce more manageable

It is common for people to struggle to find ways to take care of themselves when they are facing a difficult situation. In many cases, parties may think that they should push themselves to the side in order to remain focused on the important decisions ahead. While this may seem like a responsible strategy, it may not be the best approach for New York residents going through divorce.

Child support often needed, often unpaid after divorce

Being a parent is an expensive job for which most New York residents do not get paid. However, after divorce, some parents should receive child support from their ex-spouse in order to help meet the needs of the kids. Because this support can prove vital in ensuring the that children have their necessities, it can be difficult when the paying parent does not meet his or her obligations.

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