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Angeline Jolie not immune to child custody problems

Even parents who are on the same page regarding child rearing might struggle with custody matters during a divorce. When New York parents do not see eye to eye, reaching a child custody agreement that is in the children's best interests can be even more difficult. The actors Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt are no exception to this.

Money concerns during divorce are common

Ending a marriage brings about many changes. In particular, individuals' financial situations can easily face impacts that have them worrying about moving forward with their lives on a single income. Fortunately, New York residents can take steps to help them manage their money wisely during the divorce process.

Improperly dividing IRAs in divorce can have negative impacts

Ending a marriage can be a tricky time for anyone. There are many aspects to consider, and even after the divorce settlement has been reached, individuals could easily find themselves having to deal with difficulties resulting from those terms. In particular, some property division decisions could have negative repercussions if not properly handled, especially when it comes to taxes.

Do certain factors indicate a higher likelihood for divorce?

No one gets married with the anticipation that the marriage will come to an end. In best cases, New York residents enter into this relationship with happiness and the intention to live together in love. Of course, issues can come up in any marriage that could have parties considering their options for divorce.

3 things to consider when dividing a retirement account

Divorce is rarely a simple process. Even if you have a prenuptial agreement, there are negotiations and details that you will have to parse through with your ex. One issue that some former couples run into is the division of retirement accounts. If you and your partner had been jointly contributing to a retirement account, dividing this asset can be a tricky situation. Luckily, there are steps you can take to simplify the process and ensure that both parties retain the value they are owed.

Ignoring problems, relationship agendas could lead to divorce

Most people want to have a perfect relationship. However, a mature realization that needs to come with most marriages is that all relationships are imperfect. Of course, it can be difficult to accept this notion, and some New York residents may feel willing to ignore certain problems in hopes of keeping the relationship. Unfortunately, this type of approach could contribute to divorce.

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