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Is a narcissist making child custody decisions difficult?

When some New York residents got married, they may have felt that their spouses were a little full of themselves. Over the years, that notion may have grown into realizing that they had married complete narcissists. Not only did these spouses feel a sense of entitlement, desire constant admiration and believe they were the center of everyone's lives, but they may have also had negative impacts on their children. As these issues grew, the time for divorce came as did making child custody decisions.

Working together could help parents come to child custody terms

As parents going through divorce, many New York residents may feel as if they have failed their children. Because they can no longer get along with their spouses, they may think that their kids will suffer as a result. However, if individuals take the proper steps toward creating a child custody plan that works in the best interests of their children, those kids may face less turmoil than expected.

Child custody agreements may help deter unnecessary conflict

Parents can often act out of the ordinary when it comes to handling events that involve their children. Child custody disputes can become especially tense when parents do not get along, and some parents may feel the need to take drastic measures in this type of scenario. However, drastic approaches are not always the best and can sometimes make a situation worse.

House rules: Vying for consistency in child custody arrangements

When New York couples have children, they often do so with the intention of raising those kids in a loving household with both parents. However, it is common for parents to later get divorced and find themselves having to navigate the new waters of acting as single parents. This new scenario can have its difficulties, which can range from creating child custody terms to setting rules for both homes.

Focus may play an important role in child custody decisions

For many New York residents, the amount of conflict in their marriages is what led to their wanting divorces. Unfortunately, this conflict may come out even more during legal proceedings like those concerning child custody. Because children can be immensely affected by the outcomes of this process, parents may want to work on lowering the amount of conflict.

Clear presentation for child custody preferences may be useful

As parents, many New York residents have serious concerns when it comes to how divorce will affect their kids. Additionally, parents may also have apprehensions about how child custody outcomes will impact their ability to see their children. Though many custody agreements are satisfactory for all parties involved, individuals may still wish to prepare ahead of time to work toward the terms they desire.

Could drug testing play a role in child custody proceedings?

Having an alcohol or drug abuse problem can often cause many hardships in a New York resident's life. When it comes to child custody, the court often views these issues harshly because of the possible negative impacts the children involved could face. As a result, one parent could end up seeing the children much less often than he or she had hoped.

Kardashian, Chyna child custody battle comes to terms

Custody battles can be difficult for everyone involved. In some cases, it can take a considerable amount of time and negotiation in order for a decision on terms to come about. Sometimes, additional factors can also impact the progress of child custody proceedings, and parents may face a long road before the process comes to an end.

Marital stress may have greater impact on kids than child custody

Many New York residents may believe that children should have two married parents no matter what the circumstances. This belief may stem from thinking that divorce and child custody issues could place too much stress on children and that the parents should instead stay married to prevent such stress. However, if parents simply do not get along, staying married may not prove beneficial.

3 non-monetary ways to be good to your kids during a divorce

Raising a child with an ex but separately is not easy. Parents who share custody often doubt themselves or feel inadequate as a single parent; they also worry about their kids not having enough of the things they want and need. Because of this, parents might overcompensate by buying toys for their kids or making every day feel like their birthday.

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